20000 Gift Voucher

20000 Gift Voucher

20,000.00 KSh 20000.0 KES

20,000.00 KSh

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"What big dreams can your loved ones turn into reality by shopping at Copia with this KES 20,000 Voucher? Show them you love them without LIMITS hii Krisi!

Pay for the Voucher now and help them get ready KUKARIBISHA WAGENI at home for Christmas! When you pay, it's instantly converted into Copia Pesa and sent to your loved one's Copia account. They can then use it to buy anything on Copia App and Website for up to 6 months.

Buy it now and give them 6 months of shopping delight! We deliver up to their nearest Copia Agent for free!

Note: No Refunds will be given for any unused Voucher balance at the end of 6 months."

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